Dexion Rollrack


Dexion Rollrack

Rollrack long product storage is the only effective storage solution for certain kinds of long goods. It is designed as a honeycomb rack using vertical dividing beams to create a pigeon-hole bay.

Above each pigeon hole is a set of longitudinal fixed rails, each has a set of ball bearing rollers along its length, a cradle is hung from the longitudinal rails. As the long goods are fed intot he rack so the cradle supports the end placed intot he rack and facilitates it's movement into the rack as the cradle moves along the longitudinal beams on the rollers. Allowing for the easy insertion of long goods into the Rollrack such as profiles, pipes and mouldings.

The rack construction of Rollrack is open on the short side, the front, where the goods are loaded into position by an overhead running conveyor system and a specially constructed cradle trolley where the goods are positioned for moving into their intended pigeon-hole. Traditional forklift handling is also possible.

The rack has 4 different sizes of modules in order to fulfill demand for various goods. The Rollrack system has had a great success in many countries particularly Japan as a rational and economical alternative to traditional cantilever storage solutions.